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“Banged-Up Heart” by Shirley Melis

Banged-Up Heart Book Cover

“Banged-Up Heart” is a moving, informative memoir by Shirley Melis on love, loss, life and coping for grown-up.

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Getting Older, Sliding into Getting Old

But I’ve just turned 65. There’s no denying it any more. I’m not just “getting older,” I’m old.

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Scandamerican Literary Find – Review of “The Rise & Fall of the Scandamerican Domestic” by Christopher Merkner

Book cover

Christopher Merkner’s short story collection ““The Rise & Fall of the Scandamerican Domestic: Stories” is a great read. It feels like the next step beyond the 1960’s postmodernists writings of the likes of Vonnegut, Barthelme, Carver, and Brautigan.

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Top-10 Books of 2017

Reading Book

Here are my favorite reads of 2017. This is my list, very specific to me, my likes and prejudices, and my goals in reading.

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Saying Goodbye to Rudy

We said goodbye to Rudy Saturday morning. He had blessed us with his personality, companionship, and love for almost 8 years.

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Where I Write

Vigilante Coffee Roastery

Most of my writing is done at coffee shops, primarily Vigilante Coffee Company in Hyattsville, MD.

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That Old Guy in the Hat

We all know him, we’ve all made fun of him, and we all try to stay away from him when we see him driving down the road – “That Old Guy in the Hat”. We’ll I guess that’s me, now.

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